Meticulous haircut to your specifications. Every cut includes a hot lathered-straight razor trip around the ears and back of the neck, hair styled by your barber and any little extra that might need some attention (ears, eyebrows, you know…)



After a quick consult from your barber a clipper trim and/or scissor shaping to customers specifications. Includes a comb through & shaping wax if desired.



There is nothing like a great hot towel shave and there is also nothing worse than a bad hot towel shave! We pride ourselves on only having barbers that have mastered the art of wielding a sharp edge straight blade for a perfect shave. Your service will begin with a steaming hot towel applied to the face to open up the pours & relax the skin. Next the application of our original formula pre-shave oil will create a slick glide while softening the hair follicles. Hot lather is massaged onto the beard & your barber will begin his craft. After shaving your face your barber will apply additional hot towels, wipe you down, apply post shave balm & send you on you way feeling like a new man.



Seniors & Active Military - $2 Discount Father+Son - $2 Discount Bring your Son, Father, and/or Grandfather in, and if you are both getting cut, you receive $2 OFF your service. $2.00 OFF


The minimalist’s haircut. One length, even cut all around and includes a hot lathered-straight razor trip around the ears and back of the neck.



We groom our youngsters to become fine stylish gentlemen, that’s why they’ll get the same treatment as our more mature patrons; only at a bargain price. We’ll clean up that neck with a hot lathered- straight razor finish just like pops gets! 12 years old & younger is a youngster.