About us

Our Story

Logan Bros. Shaving Co. is a company that combines tradition with quality. Our products have developed over time in our Logan Bros. BARBER SHOP & SHAVING SALOON in Orange County, California. Our small, humble shop has been the perfect testing grounds for shaving & hair products alike. In crafting our small batch grooming products we start by selecting ingredients that enhance and nourish the skin. Sourcing high quality botanical ingredients for our original formulations means finding all natural products that are free of parabens, synthetics, & dyes. Like our grandfathers; we like to keep it simple and appreciate the ritual of gentlemen's grooming.


We start by deciding what WE, the Logan Brothers, want and need for our grooming regimes. Next we select the finest ingredients, sourced domestically, that have properties which are beneficial to the skin. Then we make sure our products are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. (Would we use it on our children?) Then we create & package the fine grooming products that you enjoy.